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June 6, 2007 / David Lindner

Here are some leadership do’s and don’t I have come up with. Tell me what you think and add to the list.

Leadership Do’s and Don’ts

Leadership Things to Do:

I will Always be bold.
I will be a good thinker.
I will always finish what I start.
I will say no.
I will meet with my staff on a weekly basis.
Give them leadership training
Keep them accountable
Make sure what they are doing in their department is in line with the direction of the whole.
I will always give staff priority over secretaries and parishioners.
I will lead the church through the staff.
I will lead the leadership of the church not be led by them. (Recognizing that they can teach and give guidance and wisdom, but that I am responsible for leading the church.)
I will always be training leaders.
I will always Replace Myself.
When leading staff meetings, stay on the task at hand, don’t take bunny trails.
I will always evaluate events to make sure they are reaching their potential.
What was the win for the Halloween Family night? Did it succeed?
I will be effective at what I do.
I will do a few things well.
I will cut out things to make sure I am doing a few things well.
I will have a staff that does a few things well.
I will use steps not programs.
I will have yearly, one week long Staff Retreats to “Work On It.”
I will have monthly one day Staff Retreats to “Work On It.”
I will require every ministry to have yearly 2-3 day Staff retreats to Work on it.
I will require every ministry to have monthly/weekly work on it meetings.
I will clarify the win for every aspect of each ministry.
I will have a positive attitude.

Leadership Things Not To Do:

I will never allow the voices of a few people drown out the voices of the rest of the people.
I will never say I’m going to do something and not do it.
I will never allow a person to complain to me about a staff member without that person first talking with the person they have the conflict with.
I will never invite a non-staff person on a staff training event.
I will not hold on to anything too tightly.
I will never make a decision too quickly.
What I decide with staff, I will promote to the church leadership, and not allow the church leadership to change it without first talking with the staff.
I will never make a promise without writing it down.

I will never hire someone to do a job that a volunteer has been doing, and then not let the person I hired do the job because the volunteer doesn’t want to step down.
Never start a meeting with someone else right before a previously scheduled meeting.
Don’t bump a meeting for another person.
Don’t expect Staff members to do more than a couple of things.
Don’t ask staff members to do something and then not take any input from them.
Don’t ask a staff member to revise their job description, then don’t take input from their changes.
If you want a staff with a bunch of employees, just tell them what to do. If you want a team you have to figure it out together.
I won’t be afraid of big change.
I will not require 100 percent agreement on all decisions.
If 4 out of 5 staff members are in agreement, I will make the decision.
I will not be afraid to cut something that’s not working.
I will not be afraid to cut something that is working to make a more efficient step work better
I will cut Sunday School to make Small groups work better.
I will not allow insiders to be the focus.
I will not preach a sermon with more than one point.
I will always have practical application for every sermon.
The problem isn’t that people don’t know the Bible, the problem is that people don’t apply the Bible.
I will not Schedule a meeting with a published agenda, and then not cover the agenda in the meeting.


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