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June 12, 2007 / David Lindner

Creative Team

This morning we had a creative Team meeting (at 6:30 am!) where we talked about being more creative in our weekend services. It was actually a really good meeting in spite of the time 😉 We have been talking about an upcoming sermon series Galen will be doing on the book of Ruth, and we hadn’t been able to come up with an idea to tie the whole thing together. This morning, it finally came.

The creative team looks at upcoming sermons and series that are going to be happening and looks for ways to make the idea of that sermon really flow throughout the entire service. Not just in songs, but in as many creative ways as possible. For instance, the creative team planned the Easter service and came up with all of the different creative videos and drama and what not that went into that service. The reason it was a success was not because of any one person, but several persons working well creatively.

You will soon see what the idea will be for the Ruth Series (Starting on July 8th) I think it will be a good idea, I believe it’s creative, and I really hope it helps tie the whole thing together.


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