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July 30, 2007 / David Lindner

What’s going on?

Well right now, the Worship Arts Ministry is in as much of a hiatus as it can be. We’ve cancelled all summer practices, except for Sunday morning. Unfortunately, I can’t give everyone a big break for the summer. I wish there were a way to give everyone a month off. I would like to be able to bring in guest worship leaders for a month, and allow everyone who plays on Sundays to take that month off.

No one can give 100%, 100% of the time. We all need breaks. We’re about to enter into the busiest time of our year as far as the Worship Arts Deparment is concerned, and that’s why we take summer breaks. I want all of us to be able to resume as much family time as possible and build up some relational capital so that when the next few months hit, we have some relational currency in the bank to draw from without going in the red. If things aren’t good at home, they won’t be good at church. That doesn’t just go for me.

This is why I have a sign posted in my office that states – “I will not sacrifice my Family on the altar of ministry.” Not too long ago people in churches expected the pastoral staff of the church to store up lots of treasures in heaven while going bankrupt in the families. After seeing several pastors do this, I’ve decided not to do the same. In the end the church suffered because the Pastor either burnt out or had to leave the ministry to keep his family together.

This is why I don’t want any of us volunteering in ministry to sacrifice our families. Family will always be more important to me. If something comes up in your family and you have to miss a practice, I will always understand. (I will not understand if you bring something up in your family to get out of practice 😉

For what we are trying to accomplish on Sunday mornings – “Working together toward engaging, life-changing worship” we must all be prepared to do that. We can’t do that if things are rough at home. This is one reason why we have breaks. To build as much relational currency in your families to last over the busy times.

I hope you’re enjoying your break, and also hope you’re looking forward to starting back up in the fall.


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  1. Jeffro / Jul 31 2007 1:40 am

    Glad to see a post on here David. Just got back from vacation myself, and am definitely charged to getting back to work with you and all of the other worship artists. I wanted to put a plug in for a worship band that I listened to and met with at Creation NW last week. Pocket Full of Rocks is the group, and let me tell you, they blew me away! They did a mini-seminar for musicians and worship leaders, and just had an openness to share their experiences as a worship band that started many years ago in a small church, and just worked really hard to improve their musicianship and give the best form of worship that they possibly could every Sunday. If anyone is looking for new worship music, I would definitely recommend checking them out.

    Anyway, hope everyone is having a great summer and experiencing every depth of God’s amazing love.

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