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February 14, 2008 / David Lindner

Trying to catch my breath.

I was previously in a church where it seemed like every week the things I was doing were really pushing the envelope as far as what people were comfortable with. Now, I’m at a new church and it seems like the things I do that I think are going to be a little bit edgy for people are no where close to it. Maybe for a few it was, but for the most part that was not the case. This is really forcing me to do some thinking about the way I’ve been approaching Worship Arts Ministry in the church for a while now. I’m really having to look for ways and resources to think outside the box of what I was used to thinking.

It will be interesting in a few years to look back on this time as I started at this church and think about how “in-over-my-head” it felt to be here because of what I’d been used to up to this point of what church was, and where church needed to go. I’m at a church that is way down the road of where the church needs to be, in comparison to where the churches have been that I’ve been working at in the past.

It feels much like I’m running a marathon but instead of being able to set a pace that I can keep up with, the pace is at a sprint because when I got in the marathon I started with the pro’s when I should have been at the back pushing the guy in the wheel chair.

It does cause me to think about church though. What is relevant? How do we know what’s relevant to the people we are trying to reach? How do we see what’s coming in culture and prepare our churches for it?

Let me know your thoughts.



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  1. Jeffro / Feb 15 2008 3:40 pm

    Hey Moosemusicman, long time no hear! CCC is doing some website upgrading, and I was asked to look through the old site and see what was still relevant. This must of been God’s way of telling me to check your blog, because I haven’t looked at this for a couple of months, and now I see your post the day after you put it up!

    I appreciate your thoughts on this subject, because as a new worship leader, I’m constantly thinking about what is relevant in our worship. My initial view before I got in to doing this much was that the more familiar people are with the worship environment (i.e. church, songs, media, lighting, worship team, etc) the more comfortable they are going to be, and that they will have a less obstructed path to connecting with God. A close friend and valued mentor taught me to shift that paradigm. I realized that no matter how contemporary the music or style that is used in worship, that if you are doing the same thing over and over and over, then all you are doing is creating a traditional worship service!

    I have found through my new role in the church that the “relevance” of this paradigm is that God often speaks loudest to us when we are outside of our comfort zone; when we put ourselves in a position to change our point of view, and when we change the way that we think about coming before the throne to worship our Father.

    And you are absolutely right in that many of us at CCC (myself included sometimes) struggle to break out of the comfort zone. I think that that trait is found in everybody to some extent. But the more we try to prepare our hearts for worship with complete openness, willingness, and an unbiased approach, the more I have found that God blesses our worship.

    So, embrace the “in-over-my-head” feeling, and trust that God will give you the strength and endurance to make your sprint become your normal pace. I pray that our church can take comfort in that same kind of changing environment. And, as always, I’ll continue to hold you and your family in prayer that all of the changes that you are facing will bring an eternity of blessings!

  2. Moosemusicman / Feb 28 2008 9:32 pm


    We’re actually doing a series right now about comfort zones. It’s amazing how comfortable we get in our worship. So many of us come to worship because we want to leave better people, but we’re not willing to try to be better people during the worship time. It’s an irony.

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