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February 21, 2008 / David Lindner

Worship Arts Ministry – Creative Process

I’m working on a new meeting layout for our creative team meetings. I have one that I adapted from a Creative Arts Pastor friend of mine that I used in my last church, but it’s not going to work exactly like it is for my new church.

One of the changes I have to make is the difference that exists because of my new senior pastor. He is much more interested in being part of the planning process, is a planner and is a very creative person. It’s awesome! I can’t tell you how great it is to have a senior pastor who wants his sermons to be creative, and wants to the whole worship service to be creative. On top of that he’s creative. I’ve run across some senior pastors who almost seem to lack creativity (which I know is untrue because all people are creative because we’re created in our Creator’s image) and rely fully on the worship pastor or others to come up with the creative ideas.

So some of the things I’m going to have to take into consideration in this new layout are allowing the senior pastor time to give us a synopsis of his sermon (which is a great thing), and to allow time towards the end of a current series to start planning for the next series. Ideally if we’re planning ahead (one of the big points of having a creative team) then when we get towards the end of a current series, most of the time consuming portion of the brainstorming portion of the meetings will be done and we’ll be able to take extra time to talk about the upcoming series. Doing this will allow us to be able to launch the new series strongly, creatively and all inclusively.

There have been several times I’ve been a part of series launch and because we didn’t have enough time before hand, some of the best ideas for the series came after the series had already started, or was almost over.

As I work on this, I’ll keep this blog updated with the process I’m coming up with.


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