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February 28, 2008 / David Lindner

My Thoughts on Special Music

This is my response to a post on Raising up Worship Leaders about Special Music.

For me, special music should be done when the point of the song would be better made if the people aren’t singing. Also, often times the songs we choose for Special Music are very specific in their message and only fit well with the topic/scripture we’re using them with, and won’t work as well in general worship.

As to Tim’s comment, I do agree that post-modern’s will appreciate special music less and less unless we adapt special music. I don’t know all of how special music should morph in the future, one way we’re changing special music is to create a video that goes along with the special music to enhance the message of the song. We’re careful with this too though because video, as great as it is, has a tendency to narrow the imagination that can come with a song to something very specific. And while we’re using a specific song with a specific theme, we want the application of the song to be as wide as possible.


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