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March 7, 2008 / David Lindner

Worship Arts Ministry – Comfort Zone Worship – Pt 2 – The Foundation of Worship

Well, the result of the first week of our comfort zone worship was great. In fact, the results of the carried on into the next week. At one point in the service I didn’t give any specific direction, and people chose to respond on their own in worship.

The second part of this should have been the first part. I decided to talk about how we often make worship something that it’s not. At the very foundation of worship is God. It seems silly to have to say this, but it’s very true and we often lose sight of this. We make worship about music – we refer to that portion of the service as worship, or we make worship about other elements of the service, offering, communion, prayer, video, etc. Those elements are forms of worship, but the forms are empty if they are the end. The forms are designed to point us to God, but so many of us get caught up on the form and forget that we’re supposed to be connecting with God.

The dangerous thing, the uncomfortable thing I had people do was connect with God. For some, maybe they hadn’t connected with God all week, and they needed to do so before they continued in worship. For others, they may have been letting the hectic morning keep them from connecting with God, and they need to do that. For others, maybe we needed to ask for forgiveness of a sin in our lives. And maybe for some, we needed to ask God to forgive us for making worship about anything other than Him.


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