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March 7, 2008 / David Lindner

Worship Arts Ministry – Comfort Zone Worship – Pt. 3 – Reflection

This coming weekend we’re going to be encouraging our congregation to take time for reflection. Last week our Pastor talked about the Gospel. It was an insiders talk on what the content of the Gospel is so that our people will know better how to share it with the people in their sphere of influence.

This week we’re going to give people a few minutes to reflect on either one of their own favorite verses of Scripture, the verse for this weeks sermon, or the verse from last weeks sermon. I’m going to encourage them to stop and ponder the verse, to not just read over it quickly, but to stop and think about what the scripture means, what its saying, how they have experienced the truth of that scripture in their lives or how they need to experience the truth of that scripture in their lives. And then to pray that scripture back to God as an act of worship, either thanking God for the truth, thanking God for how the truth has changed their lives or asking God to change their lives with the truth.

The key will be us stopping for a couple of minutes to reflect on a scripture without interruption and allow the truth of the scripture to sink in. This is uncomfortable because it’s not something that we do much in church, and because it has the possibility of being awkward.


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