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March 7, 2008 / David Lindner

Worship Arts Ministry – Dangrous Worship pt1 – Comfort zone worship

So we’re in a series right now called Living Dangerously. The foundation for the whole series is that “our comfort zone could be the most dangerous place on earth.” We’ll be talking about many different areas of our spiritual walk where we tend to get into a comfortable place and stay there.

in our discussions about what topics we should cover, worship was in there. However, after we talked about this for awhile, we decided it would be better to make the first part of the service about getting people out of their comfort zones when it comes to worship.

The first week (actually the second week of the series) we talked about our posture of worship. This is a phrase that I’ve actually used for quite some time. I’ve talked about how from time to time we need to put ourselves in a posture of worship that is a sacrifice for us. We need to get out of our comfort zone and make a gesture that signifies our humility towards God. For some of us that meant standing voluntarily, for others it mean sitting in our seats and pondering the words of the songs we were singing and not just singing them haphazardly. For others it meant raising hands, and maybe for some kneeling. The point was to respond to God voluntarily in worship, not simply because someone upfront asks us to.

It was great to see the congregation respond of their own accord. There were various representations of these postures, not all were standing, not all were sitting, not all were raising their hands, not all were singing. Yet, it felt like all were worshiping.


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