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March 11, 2008 / David Lindner

It’s all about people

I have to keep reminding myself that ministry is all about people. I know that sounds horrible coming from someone in my position, but it’s true, and sometimes it’s not that easy to lose sight of.

I’m sitting here watching American Idol, and they just unveiled their new stage for the top 12. It’s amazing. They have tons of lights and video, the band is up in a balcony behind the stage, it’s insane. And the church is supposed to compete with that?!?!?

We can’t! It’s just not possible. They make millions and millions of dollars, so they have millions of dollars to spend on the set. And it’s expected from them. Most churches don’t even have hundreds of dollars to spend on a set that will only last a couple of months. I know we don’t. At times, it’s depressing because we want to be doing the latest and coolest things so that we’re in touch with the culture around us, but we simply can’t afford it.

That’s yet another reason why ministry is all about the people. We can’t replicate the experience they may have at a concert or watching TV, but we have something so much better, two things actually. The first thing, actually person, is obvious, Jesus Christ. We have the one person (not that Christ is a possession of our – you know what I mean). As hard as the world tries, they will never be able to replicate Jesus Christ. They will try, and try, and try to make themselves that figure in people’s lives, but it’s not possible. The second thing we have is community. This is something that cannot be obtained by watching a show.

If we can get people to connect with Christ and with other people, as long as our content is appealing and our approach relevant, our chances of reaching them for the Kingdom are so much better.

Ministry is all about the people.


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