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March 27, 2008 / David Lindner

Easter Review

Now that Easter is over, I can get back to a little semblance of living. (Although, not actually because our son is due to be born at the end of April, so the next month will likely be spent preparing our lives for that.) We’ve had some review this week of our Easter services, and I wanted to take a minute to do the same here.

One of the big things we all agreed was a good thing was that our Easter service wasn’t all that different from our regular weekend services. This is huge! So many churches fall into the other trap, and I myself have fallen into that trap on many occasions. Because Easter is such a big day that we really want to celebrate, we make it a huge event. The idea is that we want our congregation to invite people on Easter to hear a (hopefully) Gospel message that will change their lives. They get up the courage to do so, many of them possibly for the first time in a long time, and we present this huge program. The problem is not with that weekend. The problem is with the following weekend. When some of the people who came and liked what they saw and heard come back, they experience a completely different church. This is not good.

One of two things needs to happen, we meed to make the rest of the weekends of the year bigger (Probably not a bad idea) or we need to make Easter smaller. Sac religious, I know, but I hope you get my point. Along with worshiping Gd our goal is to have our congregation immersed in worship in such a way that the outsiders among us want to participate.

Our service was pretty straight forward, we had four worship songs, all with the band, two of them with the choir, we had three videos throughout the service, we pushed the envelope a little, but nothing that we hadn’t done in previous weeks. By the way Easter is not a good weekend to introduce a new song. You want your congregation to be able to fully engage on Easter weekend. We did all new songs, but we taught them to the congregation in the months before Easter. We set up a little bit more lighting, (though that’s going to stay for a while) and we had some artists do some art work for our foyer (which is also going to stay for a while. All in all, it wasn’t that different from what we’ve been doing.

I’ll be watching the video of the services this week and doing further evaluation. I’d really encourage you to evaluate Easter if you haven’t already done so. It’s so easy to just get through it without learning anything and find ways to do Easter better next year. Even if you are a volunteer, and it’s by yourself, set aside some time to evaluate.

That was Easter!


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