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March 28, 2008 / David Lindner


Why do we put off things that instantly improve life? Like Brian Regan says when he’s talking about putting off going to the eye doctor, “How can instantly improved eye sight not be at the top of your to do list?”

This morning I finally, after a couple of years or procrastination, decided to unclog my wife’s sink. I had tried once before by taking off the hair trap, thinking that’s where the problem was, but it wasn’t. So this morning I took out the drain stopper and found the problem, this disgusting blob of hair, soap scum and I’m sure demons from the underworld. It took me all of about 5 minutes to do this task, and now my wife’s sink drains normally again.

I didn’t exactly know what I was doing, which was a big part of the procrastination, and I think that’s a big reason for why I procrastinate about other things. If it’s something I don’t know how to do, I put it off. However, most of the time – and I’m sure this is true for all of us – it’s not as hard as we thought it would be.

For me, I know the next time the sink starts draining slower, I’m going to try to not procrastinate.


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  1. Benny Greenberg / Mar 28 2008 11:11 am

    I like the thought process here. One of the things I always try to teach the people I work with is: If you look at your to-do list and take that ONE thing you really do not want to do – and do it FIRST every day – you make it a great day. Get the crap out of the way early in your day – make it a habit – try it for a few weeks, and see how it makes all of your days so much better.

    I recently did a few posts on my blog in regards to Procrastination and the downfall of Procrasti-NATION. Take a look if you think it could help you and your readership.



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