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March 30, 2008 / David Lindner

Comfort Zone Worship pt. 4

This weekend we resumed our comfort zone worship series. We decided to take Easter weekend off, considering we would have a large number of non-church people, which we did and that was fantastic!

Our theme this weekend was fellowship, so the get out of your comfort zone time was getting people to try to dig a little deeper than the usual “how are you doing?” questions. We told people to think about a question they could ask someone around them that would be a little more prompting than the usual, gave them a couple of songs to be able to muster up the courage, and then had an extended fellowship time before the sermon.

It was great to hear people talking for an extended period of time, the pastor had to cut off the communication that was happening. However, it is still hard to measure if people were just making small talk, or trying to go a little deeper.

Regardless, we hopefully got people thinking outside the box of normal fellowship and now maybe they’re a little more willing to open up when people ask them how they are doing.


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