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April 7, 2008 / David Lindner

Thank God for podcasts

I know it sounds ridiculous, but I’m so thankful for podcasts. I know I’m a worship pastor, and I’m supposed to listen to music all the time, and I do listen to music all the time, but I thoroughly enjoy the world of podcasting. There are several reasons why:

  1. They’re usually real people (not that others are fake, but a lot of the time, they’re real people like me, doing real, normal ministry.
  2. They’re very informative – I’ve learned a lot just by listening to them.
  3. They’re keeping me in the know – (You wouldn’t think so by that terminology). I hear about so many different resources in podcasts.
  4. They keep me awake while driving – it’s always a plus to not fall asleep at the wheel.
  5. They help the time pass – when I listen to music while driving, I find myself counting how many songs I’ve listened to, and trying to figure out how many more songs I’ll be able to listen to before I get home. Then I get depressed because, it’s not a small number.
  6. It’s like a big community – I know it sounds weird because it’s not like the podcasts talk to each other, but podcasting is it’s own kind of community. I really feel like I’m getting to know some of these people. The issue is that they’re not able to get to know me. Kind of like that one episode of Andy Griffith.
  7. They’re free – there’s only been one podcast I’ve wanted to listen to that wasn’t free, the rest have all been free. That’s pretty cool. People just giving away their junk is cool.
  8. Growth – I’m learning to be a better leader and and a better worship pastor.

Those are just a few reason, I’m sure I’ll think of more, but that’s a start. I enjoy them and they make me better at my job. Everyone wins!


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