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May 12, 2008 / David Lindner

Starting to like a hat I wear, but confused about wearing it.

I’ve got a confession to make. I’m starting to like a hat that I’m wearing at my church. I’m a worship arts pastor, and I love doing that, but a part of my job has become to do some “graphic design” work for the church. The two largest portions of which are the website and the bulletin. The website needs some serious help, the bulletin is starting to look pretty good.

I put “graphic design” in quotes because I’m not actually designing anything. I’m taking stuff that other people have done and am tweaking it to fit our needs. I’ve got to say, it’s amazing what’s out there now for little or no cost. Yet another reason churches have no excuse to have poor media.

It’s very time consuming, and extremely detail oriented, but I am really starting to enjoy some of it. I’m learning a few things, really starting to get to know some of the software I’m using, and we’re really starting to get a decent looking product.

I’m torn though, while loving what I do a worship arts pastor, and really starting to enjoy the “Graphic Design” thing, I find myself caught between doing two things that I like, and doing what’s best. And I find that I’m really torn when it comes to the time I need to spend doing each of these. My pastor gave me the responsibility of the bulletin and website, so it is my job, but at the same time, my primary responsibility is being the worship pastor.

Several times over the past couple of months, I’ve had to spend so much time on the bulletin or website that I have found myself not being able to lead the worship arts ministry as effectively as I should be.

I’m obviously still trying to figure out the answer to this, but I just thought I’d share it with you.


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