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September 7, 2008 / David Lindner

Weekend Review 09-0607-08

This weekend is kind of our get back into gear weekend. We’ve been doing some low key stuff for the summer, but now that everyone’s going back to school and their routines are getting formed for the year, we’re starting to ramp things back up. Our band was almost full this weekend. I’m doing my best to fill all the slots every weekend for now. That’s totally against my philosophy, but a necessity for right now. I hate the idea of filling slots. It just promotes a lack of ownership, when what we most desperately need right now is a sense of ownership. But, we’ve also got the pressure of being good every weekend for now, so it’s a choice I have to make.

This weekend was youth weekend. We would have liked to have done more that centered around the youth and get the youth

  • Indescribable
  • Unchanging
  • Welcome & Intro to youth weekend
  • Parent prayed for youth
  • My Savior, My God
  • Jesus Paid It All
  • Youth Worker prayed for youth
  • Sermon by Youth Pastor
  • Closing prayer by Senior Pastor
  • Enough

It was pretty good. I’ve been sick, so I had to let the other vocalists to most of the leading. I sang where I could but didn’t want to wreck my voice. She does a pretty good job. She’s one of our leaders who does more than just sing when she’s leading, she’ll prompt the congregation too – which is a big part of worship leading.

I’ve been forming bands for the last few months, and next week we start into a rotation of those bands, so hopefully starting next week we’ll be building some ownership and be raising the quality of what we do on a weekly basis around here.

September 6, 2008 / David Lindner

Coming Back Soon

I just wanted to let you all know that I’ll be back to blogging – probably tomorrow. I’ve been on vacation the last couple of weeks, and decided it would be good to take a little break. But, fall is here and it’s time to get back into the swing of things. So you’ll be hearing more from me again soon.

August 17, 2008 / David Lindner

Weekend Review 08-1617-08

This week was great, we had a great worship time with a trio of musicians up there for the weekend. Keys, Bass & Drums. No vocalists except for me. And it turned out pretty good. The upside – I got to experiment with my coldplay keys technique and try to come up with some catchy hooks for some of the songs that are normally acoustic or electric driven, so that was kind of fun. At the same time, doing that takes away from my ability to focus solely on leading people in worship. If we had another vocalist who could lead some of the songs that would have helped quite a bit.

Here was our Set:

  • All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises
  • God is Great
  • Welcome
  • Trading My Sorrows
  • Blessed be Your Name
  • Message
  • Heart of Worship

We did some old songs and some newer songs. The first two songs are still somewhat new to the congregation (even though they’re not new). It was a good weekend. Last night seemed to lack energy, but this morning did not. It felt as though people were really engaging and choosing to worship.

I do have to say though that I’m looking forward to next weekend when we’ll have a full band. It should be really good!

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August 10, 2008 / David Lindner

Weekend Review 08-0910-08

This weekend was another good weekend. We had a new drummer this weekend – which was great. It’s great to have someone else who’s willing and excited to play. He’s got a big learning curve to pick up a bunch of new songs as he first gets going, but I’m sure he will do great.

We did:

  • Rest in Your Peace (my song)
  • Portland City Fest Promo
  • How Great is Our God
  • Holy is the Lord
  • VBS Highlights
  • Sermon
  • Everlasting God

Bill was talking about rest and did a tremendous job talking about how we need to rest like a three year old rests with their mother. It was a great image to get people thinking about rest. Myself having a 2 year old knew exactly what he was talking about.

We only did three songs as a band, and once again, I had another vocalist lead one of the songs. This weekend it was great to be able to do that. It allowed me to focus a little more on working with our new drummer and making sure he & I were on the same page. It also helped for me to be able to fill out our sound a little bit as we only had drums, acoustic & keys.

This weekend had the potential to go really bad, and it went really well!

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August 4, 2008 / David Lindner

Random Thoughts #2

I wanted to write some more about routine. I talked about it last week, and got some interesting feedback on that post. I wanted to talk about it on a very practical level. It’s another way that routine could be a bad thing. Remember last week I said there are some situations in life where routine is good. It’s good to have a rhythm to your life. It’s good to have things you can rely on. On the flip side of that, if everything in our life is predictable – it’s all routine – we will stagnate.

Life will become like the water in tire swing. At first you might not even notice it. Then, while you’re swinging one day, you spill a little bit of water on you, and notice it’s kind of gross. You try to get the water out, but it’s a tire – so it’s extremely difficult. It’s very hard to turn a tire upside down fast enough to get All the water out. There will still be some stinky water left in there. And before you know it, it will rain again, and fill the tire back up with water which will seem to bring life to the old water, but soon the old water takes over and makes the new water smell.

But what about our God who never changes? True. God never changes. But (hopefully) God is always changing us to be more like him. It’s when we stop changing, or stop allowing God to change us that we stagnate. Yes, God takes the old and makes it new. That’s what he does. But that’s not our tendency. Our tendency is to stick to what we know. We cling to what has worked in the past, even thought the magic is gone. It worked at one time, so if we keep doing it, and keep trying hard enough, it has to, it absolutely has to work again. Right?

It doesn’t. It rarely does.

So, as we approach our relationship with God this week, and how we respond to him worship, maybe we need to get out of the routine of what’s worked in the past. Maybe we need to keep the tire from filling up with water in the first place. Maybe we need to keep it moving in new directions as much as possible so that the rain can’t fill it

“Sing to him a new song;
play skillfully, and shout for joy.” Psalm 33:3

August 3, 2008 / David Lindner

Weekend Review – 08-0203-08

This weekend, we are without a drummer. At first I thought it was going to be rough and awkward, but it actually turned out quite well. This was our set:

  • I Will Boast
  • How Can I Keep From Singing
  • Welcome
  • Your Name
  • Rescue
  • Message
  • I’ll go Where He wants me to go (My Arr. of the Hymn)

We had Trevor lead How can I keep from singing and Danielle led Your Name. It’s great as the worship leader to be able to step back a little. I could actually focus on leading the band without having the mic to do that. It presents an interesting challenge, but it is possible to lead the band without having a mic in my face.

We (obviously) went with an unplugged feel for the set which worked really well, especially on How Can I keep from singing. I really botched the intro to Your Name. I didn’t turn the volume back up on my keyboard before I started, which threw me off. But, we did recover. It’s always powerful (for me) to close with Rescue. Definitely one of my favorite songs right now.

I felt like the congregation really entered into worship this weekend, especially as they were being led by people other than me. I think there’s great power in being led by more than one person. When I do it – the worship leader – people have the possibility of thinking “oh, he’s just the worship leader, he’s supposed to do that.” But when it’s one of their peers, there’s more personal connection and influence there which drives people to worship more.

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July 31, 2008 / David Lindner

Weekend Review 07-2627-08

Yeah, I know this is very late, but at least I’m doing it. We’ve actually already done our review of the weekend on Tuesday morning in our worship planning meeting, I’ve just not had time to be able to write it down here yet.

I put in a couple of retro songs this weekend. One of them, that everyone seemed to know, and the other one, everyone seemed to know the chorus only. This was our set:

  • Your Love Oh Lord
  • Here Am I – Mike Honholtz
  • Welcome
  • Youth Camp Presentation
  • Enough
  • Hungry
  • Message
  • Hosanna

The songs that worked well were “Here am I,” “Enough” & “Hosanna.” Your love… worked pretty well, it worked better on Sunday morning than it did on Saturday evening. It was a song the church had done in the past – before I got here – so I figured they would still remember it, but apparently I was wrong. Hungry was the same way, they might have done it back in past a few years ago, and maybe some people new it from the radio, but for the most part people didn’t really sing on the verses.

The youth camp presentation was cool. This was a great approach for fund raising. What Mathias did was instead of asking for money before camp, asking people to give in the hopes their gifts will ambiguously change lives, he waited until after camp and brought some kids up whose lives had been changed and asked people to give money towards paying for it or to come to a car wash.

We’re still in the summer slump. We’ve got a drummer who’s going to start helping us out in August – which I’m looking forward to very much. We’ve got a lot of work to do in the area of building bands and ownership. I’ve really been thinking about how to do this, so if you’ve got ideas feel free to let me know.

That was the weekend.